Multiple Miracles

What can I say, the class started out small and it has grown & grown.  I believe you can be healed by speaking the word.  After everything is said and done, I am amazed at what I know can happen to anyone, just by the power of the spoken word!  I have seen it with my own eyes.  Two years ago, I saw a crippled lady stand up, walk straight, without aid of any kind.  I didn’t know the lady, I just saw it happen with my own eyes. 

One year ago, with my own eyes, I saw a mans leg grow, to match the other leg (it had been under two inches shorter than the other leg).  Awesome is the only word to describe these two miracles. 

Bill’s instruction has helped me develop healing skills.  I know for myself, I have been healed of several things that was wrong in my body.  Bill laid hands on me one evening, he ran his hand up my spine, and then said, “there it is”.  (That was the exact spot) Bill did not know that he touched my back where I had had pain for years.  When he spoke over me and told me I was healed, nothing happened out of the ordinary, no thunder or lightning, no heavens opening up, no trumpets sounding, just IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU ARE HEALED, & thank you for this healing.  I went back to my chair and listened as he healed other people there that night.  In just a few minutes, I realized the spot of pain was gone.  I have not missed the pain & it is still gone and it will not be back. 

The next time a miracle happened was in the fall of 2011.  I had a very long, stressful day, I was tired & just want to go to bed.  So, I got ready for bed, took a sip of water, & started to hiccup.  Oh no, these will last all night, was my first response, & then I said “well, do what you have been taught”.  I then said “hiccups be gone in the name of Jesus, thank you for healing me”.  The hiccups came & went in less than two minutes AND I have not had hiccups since.  

Praise the Lord.  Jo Arthur

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