Raised from the Dead – Kenny Volk Testimony

It was a Saturday morning, Easter Sunday right around the corner. I was in a place desperately wanting to see things in my own life come from death to life. Little did I know March 30th, 2024, would be a God moment that would change me forever.

Back to Saturday morning, mind you, I was a little sad, maybe even depressed, just grieving the loss of what I thought was going to be
a wedding. And it felt like my world was crumbling, but God knew it wasn’t. So He had Chase ask me if I wanted to go to Bishop ‘s Castle, a fun tour site I had never been to. And needing company bad, so I got a smoothie and went to Chase’s place, and a group of us, got in the car and went to Bishop’s Castle. On the way there we stopped at a Dollar General to get out some snacks. I remember the salad dressing got spilled and it was tragic. I had some protein powder to drink.

After the quick stop, mind you, the drive was 2 hours or so. Then we make it to Bishop’s Castle, and it was so fun. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was beautiful outside and really just a fun time, with friends. We stayed a couple hours, climbed a lot of stairs, prayed for a guy with no legs, I think his name was Griffen or Stewart. He definitely needed to hear that Jesus loved him and had always been with him, specially when he told me, he lost his legs in a motorcycle crash. I told him that the enemy tried to take him out, but God had been with him the whole time.

After more walking and pictures we decide it’s time to head home. We packed up and were off. I remember, on the way back, all I could think about was Jesus. If I wasn’t intentional, on saying Jesus repeatedly, and praying in the Spirit, I would have been very sad. I was just talking to Him and I know He was listening. There were moments of worship, words of encouragement, peace, life, Holy Spirit was in the car. Savanah mentioned, she headed to use the bathroom, so we were going to stop at the Dollar General, we hit on the way there, but for some reason Chase asked if we could pull into the Loaf N Jug. It was right there, so we did. And that’s when Manijeh says there is a dead guy being resuscitated and Jekka immediately saying , “Go pray pray pray”. No hesitation, -fear or doubt, I ran to the man , there were 2 ladies around him. One pumping his chest, and the other trying to hear him breath. I immediately put my hands on his head and prayed in my prayer language, welcoming Holy Spirit to take control. Jekka and Manijeh started praying too, but the gas station attendant said, “Shut up, I’m trying to hear if he is breathing.” They honored that, I did not. l kept praying, and then I hear the other lady Emily who was with the man, starts calling out to Jesus, so my faith increases, she believing, I’m definitely believing. i remember, Jekka, binding the spirit of death.

So i grabbed the man, Josh by the shoulders and pretty loudly and intensely, said, “Open your eyes” two the three times, before they barely opened. Then I said, “Look at me, look at me”. And he looked, and I casted out what ever demonic spirit was in him . He started coming back, I told him , “breath in Holy Spirit” and next thing I know, before my very eyes, he’s up like he was not just dead on the ground , At this point, police and EMTs are there, but God already took control. The EMT lady was not very nice, one of the policeman was fired up to see the move of God. oh yah, we went from Havanah having to use the bathroom to raising the dead guy, who wasn’t even from Penrose. They were from Aspen . And we were from Colorado Springs.

On the way back, we got a call from Josh, he said, “He had never been this sober before, in his entire life. ” He said Emily gave him Narcan, but he knows that wasn’t what brought him back from the dead , not to mention, his nose was· broken so he could not inhale. That night, Josh and Emily came over and we got to love, worship and feed them. The next day was Easter, not ironic. Emily and Josh came to church, after our Pastor Steve shared what had happened, we were sitting with a man who God had raised from the dead , and I got the honor of baptizing him.

Emily got baptized too. We are very much in touch. I am going to go see them this weekend. This weekend will be my first time to Aspen. Anyway, the reason, Josh almost died, was before our appointment with him, he saw an older lady struggling on the side of the road and stopped to help. She told him, that she had been praying for someone to pick her up. When they dropped her off, she gave him a blue pill which turned out to be crushed Fentanyl. Josh actually knew Jesus already, but was battling with some strongholds and staying sober. It could have been anyone of us. Come to find out, Emily, Josh’s friend, said she had prayed for his deliverance that morning. God know what he was doing. A perfect God. A perfect plan. And that’s just the first fruit. Satan is defeated and his army is being dismantled, in Jesus name. Amen.

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