Miracles in Guatemala

I was Bill Russell’s translator in Guatemala a few years ago and I remember “power encounters” that I saw happen in meetings and churches full of people that were prayed for that went away changed, saved and healed.

  1. In one meeting there were some rambunctious youths in the back who were causing trouble and making noise and you called them out, asking one of them to stand up. Then you asked him, “You don´t believe this, do you?” and you clapped your hands and he went down immediately. He was at least 50 to 60 feet away from where you were standing on the platform.
  2. On another occasion, there was a boy who was in the back mocking, and when you were praying for the people, he came near, and you said, “do you believe?” clapped your hands and his eyes crossed and he went down too.
  3. There was another skeptic in a Methodist Church that we ministered in, and when you came to lay hands on him, he went down like a sack of potatoes.
  4. So many were slain the the spirit that we had to form lines so that they wouldn´t pile up on each other.
  5. I also remember many being healed like a man who had to be carried in to a service and got up and walked out.
  6. Many reported pain leaving their bodies, ailments gone, hearing and eyesight improved, etc.

I also remember being slain in the Spirit and you having to find another interpreter which was no easy task back in Nebaj in those days when there were hardly any English speakers at all!

Amazing things happened in Guatemala through Bill Russell and continue to through the grace and power of God.

Mike McComb

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