Starting March 3rd, 2024

A new 10 week School of Miracles and the Anointing course will start March 3rd, 2024. This new course is a 10 Week Course, meeting once a week, with 10 classes total.

TIME: Sundays at 4-6:30pm.
COST: $200 for manuals & 10 weeks of training
LOCATION: Kingdom Life Fellowship | 4202 I-27 Frontage Road Lubbock, Texas

Bill was mentored by Tim Story and has traveled the world with him. The Lord has done many mighty works through him like blind eyes and deaf ears opening, limbs growing back and so much more.

STUDENT TESTIMONY: Nidia and I have attended Bill’s 10 week class three times and we received new revelations every time and during these times we have seen several people healed, delivered and restored by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s so amazing being there when the presence of the Lord takes over and He does mighty works through the hands of His servants. What I really enjoyed is the practicum time that occurs after class. As the Lord leads Bill, he calls up students and teaches them to walk in the anointing and the Spirit moves mightily through us and people get blesses every time!

New Signs & Wonders Class

We have a new Signs and Wonders class that began in July 2020. Recently we held a service at Shalom Church in Littleton, Colorado. God’s Spirit was present to heal many people and set them free from their various infirmities. The highlight of the service was seeing a gentleman standing and walking out of his wheelchair which had bound him for a long time. Another amazing testimony occurred at the Kairos Coffee Shop (YWAM) in Colorado Springs. A man who was on oxygen and in a wheelchair was completely healed. He no longer needs the oxygen and he is walking on his own without any assistance.