Healing from Lupas

My illnesses were lupas, RA, osteoarthritis, and degenerative bone disease before God healed me!!

I was in the pew praying for someone else, my husband was praying for me (didn’t know at the time).  It felt like someone tazed my lower back, I thought it was just the normal pain.  It quit as quickly as it started.  Then I felt warmth and a hand on my back.  It was very overwhelming.  I realized that I was being healed.  Then I said to the Lord, “I’m not worthy.”  He said to me, “It isn’t your decision, it’s mine and I have work for you to do.”  The warm hand traveled over my back and legs for 3 days.  There’s no more pain, no more exhaustion….am very active and able to walk long distances, lift, etc.

Virginia Parker

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