From Tim Storey:

It has been my privilege to travel throughout the world for the last 18 years.  In my travels I have had the honor of meeting many of God's upcoming ministers.  Bill Russell is one of them and I have known him since 1995 when he enrolled in the School of Miracles.

Bill Russell started his own Ministry in 1997.  He has preached and prayed for the sick as well as teaching the School of mIracles in Mexico, Guatemala, and the USA, many people are being saved, healed and set free.

It is wholehearedly and without reservatiion that I recommend Bill for your consideration.  He will be a blessing to you, your staff and your congregation.

Tim Storey

COLORADO SPRINGS 2019 My daughter had chronic pain in her back and joints. I thank Jesus that He healed my daughter and removed rheumatoid arthritis. I thank Jesus that all of a sudden she had flexibility and movement that she hasn’t had in years. I thank Him that He took away her chronic pain. I thank Him that He is allowing her body to be young and joyful again by removing the burden of chronic pain. Larissa Mulholland

COLORADO SPRINGS July 2019 I had a frozen shoulder and was scheduled for surgery. Also in 2010 I had an accident and lost the ability to smell and taste. When Bill prayed for me, I felt peace and love. The pain was totally gone on the third day after prayer. Within two weeks I had full range of motion in my arm. No surgery is now needed. The tasting has also improved. I believe that Bill is one of God’s angels on earth. Ruth Gissa

Lubbock 5/23/12

I had back pain and the healing was not instantaneous but I have the tools to come against satan when he tries to remind me of my past infirmity.  I feel like I am healed right now because the symptoms are much less.  I appreciate the booklet we were given which verify the scriptures used, which are also given by God for our healing.  Bill is "building a foundation" with this booklet!!

Marian Anderson


(This is a story from a seven year old girl who attended school with her mother on 5/19/12 and expresses her point of view while taking notes) God is Good!!

Jesus I love you I can't stop thinking about you. Thank you for healing my body.  Jesus healed my mom...she feels good and healed the lady that's walking.  Jesus you know what I need, in the name of Jesus. She said you tell me, close our eyes, fall back and Jesus touch me.  I love you Jesus so much and I know you love me too so I won't worry so much because I love everybody in the whole wide world.  Jesus, Jesus I love you!!


What can I say, the class started out small and it has grown & grown.  I believe you can be healed by speaking the word.  After everything is said and done, I am amazed at what I know can happen to anyone, just by the power of the spoken word!  I have seen it with my own eyes.  Two years ago, I saw a crippled lady stand up, walk straight, without aid of any kind.  I didn't know the lady, I just saw it happen with my own eyes.  One year ago, with my own eyes, I saw a mans leg grow, to match the other leg (it had been under two inches shorter than the other leg).  Awesome is the only word to describe these two miracles.  Bill's instruction has helped me develop healing skills.  I know for myself, I have been healed of several things that was wrong in my body.  Bill laid hands on me one evening, he ran his hand up my spine, and then said, "there it is".  (That was the exact spot) Bill did not know that he touched my back where I had had paid for years.  When he spoke over me and told me I was healed, nothing happened out of the ordinary, no thunder or lightning, no heavens opening up, no trumpets sounding, just IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU ARE HEALED, & thank you for this healing.  I went back to my chair and listened as he healed other people there that night.  In just a few minutes, I realized the spot of pain was gone.  I have not missed the pain & it is still gone and it will not be back.  The next time a miracle happened was in the fall of 2011.  I had a very long, stressful day, I was tired & just want to go to bed.  So, I got ready for bed, took a sip of water, & started to hiccup.  Oh no, these will last all night, was my first response, & then I said "well, do what you have been taught".  I then said "hiccups be gone in the name of Jesus, thank you for healing me".  The hiccups came & went in less than two minutes AND I have not had hiccups since.  Praise the Lord.  Jo Arthur 03/06/2012


My illnesses were lupas, RA, osteoarthritis, and degenerative bone disease before God healed me!!

I was in the pew praying for someone else, my husband was praying for me (didn't know at the time).  It felt like someone tazed my lower back, I thought it was just the normal pain.  It quit as quickly as it started.  Then I felt warmth and a hand on my back.  It was very overwhelming.  I realized that I was being healed.  Then I said to the Lord, "I'm not worthy."  He said to me, "It isn't your decision, it's mine and I have work for you to do."  The warm hand traveled over my back and legs for 3 days.  There's no more pain, no more exhaustion....am very active and able to walk long distances, lift, etc.

Virginia Parker


I have observed Bill Russell minister in Guatemala on several occasions and each time the Lord moved through him with power and authority.

As the director of a leadership institute, I always look forward to Bill coming to share with our students.  I have been impressed with his ability to not only teach about signs and wonders, but to actually train the students in practical ministry skills.

Several pastors in Guatemala have told me that the Lord used Bill mightily to encourage their congregations and build their faith.  Bill's love for people and his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit make him a blessing to any church.

Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. Mell Winger


Dear Bill:

It was nice talking to you the other day and telling you the wonderful new that I am now in remission from cancer.  When my doctor told me the good news it was like having a new beginning.  I hold you directly responsible for a large portion of my recovery.  You installed within me the power and strength to ask for help of other forces that you believed in so strongly.

Ben Spector
Florida, USA

Back Injury

After months of debilitating pain, my doctor diagnosed me with a bulging disk in my lower back caused by a sport's injury.  I was taking an incredible amount of pain relievers to cope with the pain.  I went to Bill Russell's healing class and was prayed for.  Before I knew what had happened, I was laying on the floor in complete and total peace.  Next thing I know, Bill told me to get up.  Now before I used to not be able to get up off of the floor without any assistance and above that, it didn't hurt.  I was able to bend down and touch my toes and twist around and it didn't hurt.  I began to cry and looked up and my parents were crying, we all knew what had happened, God had chosen me.  To this day, I have no pain in my back.

Michelle Worth
Lubbock, Texas


I had endometriosis but when I was prayed for the Holy Spirit touched me and I was completely healed.  I no longer have the pain or symptoms that I did before I was prayed for.

Veronica Tuchez Orozco


Before being prayed for, I suffered from diabetes, bad circulation and the numbing of the hands.  I no longer have these symptoms and have no numbing in my hands.

Ana Guzman Vinda de Garcia

Neck Pain

I've lived with pain all over my body, but especially in my back, neck and legs.  I surrendered with much faith to the need of not having these pains anymore.  I was prayed for and I fell into a state of rest.  Upon rising, there was no pain.

Yolanda Hortensia Williams Rojas
La Antiqua, Sacatepequez

Body Sores

I had welps all over my body and would need to scratch to the point of bleeding.  The day after I was prayed for my skin was completely healed.  I no longer have welps or sores on my body.

Patricia Miranda Cortez