Oct 16, 2019
We have a new Signs and Wonders class that began October 14, 2019 and continues through December.
Jan 2, 2019
OUR NEW HEALING CLASSES... are underway. Starting September 5 at 7PM at Boulder Street Church - 826 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Sep 4, 2018
My wife Linda and I sold our house and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to follow the call of God on our lives.  We have gotten settled in here and God has begun to open some really exciting doors for us!  I recently had the opportunity to spend several nights praying for the sick at a tent revival.  Youth With a Mission has taken our curriculum to review and is interested in me teaching classes there.  We are beginning a New School of Miracles at Boulder Street Church this month, and the Lord has given me material to create 3 new manuals about "The Anointing" that includes what the Word of God says and what I have learned over the past 25 years of ministry.  These manuals are available for $40 for the set and can be shipped to you.  Just fill out the contact form on the website with "Manuals" as the subject and we will be in touch.  You can also use the contact form to let us know of any prayer requests.  We love to agree with you in prayer!